About Complete Splicing Solutions Inc.

In 1987, Al Nappier graduated from Jefferson College in Hillsboro, Missouri with an Associates of Applied Science degree in telecommunications technologies. Since then he has worked for several different contracting companies learning as much as was possible and gaining as much experience in the field of telecommunications as he could before becoming an independent contractor and then finally on to start Complete Splicing Solutions  in May of 2004.

Here at Complete Splicing one of the things we believe to be vital to any contractors success is training. Over the past 30 years of Al’s career he has gathered numerous certificates for training courses and seminars and insists that the people who work for us not only are trained but continue to train. We believe that even a 30 minute seminar is equally as important as a four year degree. Training for every aspect of the job including, advancements in technologies, proper use of equipment, products and materials and most importantly SAFETY, are some of the areas we feel require continuous training. We believe that with the proper training the quality of our product and service will stand the test of time and help to give our customers a long lasting and user friendly cable plant.

Servicing existing cable plants is an area that sometimes gets tricky, especially if prior service was shortcut for one reason or another. We perform all of our work as if we are the ones who will be back to service it when the time comes to expand or reroute. We believe that the manufacturers of the products we install know exactly how their products are to be used and that their method of procedures are to be followed. This will in turn give our customers a reliable and cost effective installation that will last .

Pricing our services here at Complete Splicing Solutions is an area in where we aim to be as accurate as is humanly possible. We know the time it takes to perform each aspect of our work properly and have set our prices accordingly and we think you will find them to be very competitive. We understand that we may not always be the cheapest, but we also will not take shortcuts in an effort to reduce time and save money and in the long run we believe that our customers will save money on maintenance cost.

Finally we ask that before choosing a contractor, compare pricing, check certifications, ask about test equipment and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have. We are more than happy to discuss our credentials, provide references and talk about your cable plant and your needs to see if our services are right for you.

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